Profile Photo

Please use a photo of your own face. You cannot use a photo of someone else or a photo in which another person who has not given you permission appears. The sharper the photo is, the more likely other users will be to contact you.

Other Rules Regarding Photos

Uploading pornographic photos is absolutely prohibited. In addition, you cannot upload images or photos contrary to public morality and decency, or which may make people viewing them uncomfortable or uneasy. If you see this kind of image or photo, please report it.


Your account and password are yours alone. Never reveal your password to another person. You cannot share your account or transfer it to another user.


You may not know the identity of someone you are communicating with using a funnel, but remember that there is a real person on the other side of the screen. All communication should be as respectful and polite as it would be in the "real world". In particular, please refrain from using abusive language or hurtful statements.

Spam Prohibition

The Haloo feature lets you attract nearby users. However, this app cannot be used for commercial advertising, slander, illegal exchanges, defamation of character, pornography, provocation, harassment, invasion of privacy or publicity, or to inflict other mental anguish on another.


Do not reveal personal information about yourself to someone you have never actually met. Do not disclose your real name, e-mail address, details about where you live, or other information until you have determined that someone is trustworthy. Never reveal information such as your credit card numbers and bank accounts. Refuse even if asked by someone.

When Meeting Offline

If things progress to an offline date, be sure to act in the same respectful and polite fashion as usual. Don't forget a clean appearance and a smile. We don't recommend that first meetings be held at or near either party's home. You should also avoid places where there aren't many other people around. Be cautious if someone suddenly reveals major problems or financial problems to you. This kind of caution can help you protect yourself against fraud.

Fraudulent Requests Falsely Claiming to Be from Us

Our company will never impose usage fees using any method other than Apple in-app purchases or auto-renewable subscription. If another user requests a fee via communication in a funnel, do not comply, but contact us with that user ID.