Other Features

  • Worried about security?

    Well, don’t! You can completely or partially hide
    your profile. You can access Haloo while you’re
    invisible to everyone else. You can also sneak a
    peek at other profiles without leaving a trace.
    (Paid Feature)

  • Forget the app, enjoy life!

    We'll notify you when other Halooians pass you by.
    No need to check on your phone when a hottie is
    actually right in front of you!

  • Feel like you want to
    get noticed?

    We’ve got your back! Make your profile dominate
    on the locator to increase your exposure.
    The more people see you, the more likely you’ll be
    able to people. (Paid Feature)

  • Guys and girls are cut from
    a different cloth.

    That's why we have different designs for women
    and men.
    Sign up and see what it’s like!


1. Locator

Find people around you or the buzz
happening nearby with Locator.

With a single click, you can see the list of potential friends both within
walking distance and all the way on the other side of the world.
View their profiles and start chatting.
You can also find the buzz happening nearby and join conversations to
see what's happening around you.
Take a walk down a different path with Haloo.


2. Haloo

Haloo’s here to get the conversation

Stumble Haloo gets you chatting with someone right away. It randomly
finds a guy or girl for you to chat with.
You can also let people know you’re here with Broadcast Haloo. Invite
other users near you to chat in a group.


3. Funnel

Get a virtual room!

Chat with just one person or a group in Funnels. In 1-on-1 Funnel,
you can have private virtual rooms to get to know more about people
around you.
Exchange your photos by simply dragging them in the window.
Share your location and see what it'll lead to.
You can also start a group chat to get the party started!